Our mission is to partner with festival organisers to create festival villages that provide comfortable tented accommodation to festival-goer, making festivals accessible to a greater audience, and providing entrepreneurial opportunities to local communities.

Our mission is to provide comfortable tented accommodation to participants of adventure races throughout Africa whether the race spans a single location or is staged and moves from location to location.

Our villages:

  • Can be staged throughout Africa
  • Can relocate staged events on a daily basis
  • Are tailor-made according to village requirements


  • Are specially designed for use at race and festival villages and are of the highest quality
  • Can sleep 1 (single) or 2 persons (twin)
  • Have an additional waterproof gear section accessible from inside the tent
  • Have an easy access feature for hanging keys, torches, cell phones, etc
  • Are fitted with standard foam mattresses (1 for single, 2 for double)
  • Campers typically bring their own linen, but the following can be provided at a surcharge:
    – Fitted sheet
    – Duvet inner and/or duvet cover
    – Pillow and/or pillowcase
    – Sleeping bag

Showers and Toilets

If the location of the festival village does not have existing shower and/or toilet facilities we are able to provide the services list below. Note that the cost of providing ablution facilities is highly dependent on the accessibility and availability of power and water sources at the village location.

  • Showers are up market, self–contained and have different heating options
  • Toilets are high quality self-contained, full-flush toilets
  • Construction-style toilets can be used if quality is not a key requirement

Additional Services

  • Gin tents for tables, chairs and food serving area’s, shade tents and gazebos
  • Food, refreshment and trade stalls
  • Tables and chairs, catering equipment and services
  • Large tents for operations, storage and/or maintenance services
  • Infotainment areas
  • Race start and finish areas/tents
  • Medical and massage tents
  • Power and lighting
  • Self-service laundry facilities

Cost Factors

  • Access to and lay of the proposed camp site
  • Availability/Quality of water
  • Availability/Quality of power
  • Influence of the elements (wind, weather patterns, etc)
  • Environmental regulations