Membrane options:

  • Breathable Low wind Shaded 220gsm: 1 tone colour R150/m²
  • Breathable High wind Shaded 260gsm: 1 tone colour R200/m²
  • Breathable High wind Shaded 440gsm: Double layer 2-tone colour R230/m²
  • Breathable High wind Shaded 520gsm: Double layer 2-tone colour R280/m²
  • Breathable Low wind Watertight Double layer 480gsm: 1 or 2 tone colour R300/m²
  • Breathable High wind Watertight Double layer 540gsm: 1 or 2 tone colour R350/m²

Please note all standard membranes have passed BS 5852 cigarette fire retardancy test

Additional treatments to the membranes:

Minimum order 300m² – Less than surcharges will apply

  • Anti-microbial: Help to prevent fungal growth if tents are stored when wet R30/m²
  • Water repellency: Help to prevent membrane soaking up water R30/m²                                         
  • Acid rain repellency: Help to prevent membrane damage through use in acid rain conditions R30/m²
  • Snow repellency: Help to repel snow off the membrane for European conditions R30/m²
  • Mosquito repellency: Help to repel mosquito’s for malaria & sub Sahara Africa conditions R30/m²
  • Butane fire retardancy: In high risk area’s where, cigarette & spread of flame fire retardancy is not sufficient R30/m²
  • Non-breathable Watertight Rubber (stretchable PVC) coating: Offers longevity & membrane strength R200/m²

How to calculate the tent size required.

  • Canopies are from 0.75m sqr pp to 1.0m sqr pp
  • Tents from 1.0m sqr pp – 3.5m sqr pp
Cocktail party with food: 1.0 m sqr per person
Rock Concert: 0.8 m sqr per person
Dining area with tables 2.0 – 2.5 m sqr per person
Dining area with dance floor 3.0m sqr per person

All membranes exclude sub structure & rigging equipment